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DWR Custom Woodworking is owned by David Reiner.
Dave started woodworking when he was in the Air Force
and needed some cabinets and stands for his dorm room.

After 4 years in the Air Force, Dave returned home and
began to take woodworking more seriously. His interest
moved to making furniture. He made grandfather clocks,
wall clocks, furniture for his house and children but decided the woodworking machines he had, needed to be upgraded. With limited funds for machines the idea of a woodworking business was born. As with many small businesses, DWR Custom Woodworking was started in his home basement. Dave started to design and produce a line of home interior accent items for designers and furniture stores. After about 12 years of providing high quality interior accents and shelving, DWR Custom Woodworking reinvented the product line in 1996 and introduced a new product, a line of quilt hanging products. Soon after, he discovered his first quilt show. DWR Custom Woodworking has been providing the highest quality quilt display products since and with the help of quilters who provide Dave with inspiration and ideas, DWR Custom Woodworking has added new items to the product line of quilt display products on a regular basis. DWR Custom Woodworking has since moved from his home basement and currently has 2800 sq ft woodworking shop near his home in Bucks County, PA.