Looking for the perfect display to hang your favorite quilt?

Looking for the perfect quit stand  to display your favorite quilt? The DWR Quilt Stand is a simple design, with no heart cutout on the ends unless specifically requested. It is sturdy and stable. The 9300 style is 36″ high and 35.5″ wide. This Quilt Stand has 4 Stretchers, 3 to display quilts. Stretcher spacing… Read more »

How does our hanging display safely showcase your quilt?

The Quilt Display is a clamping system that provides even pressure along the clamping bar, holding the quilt or textile art without damage. Adequate tensioning knobs or screws are provided to ensure even the heaviest quilt or textile art will be evenly supported. All surfaces are precision machined and sanded to ensure even pressure. The quilt is… Read more »

Why Choose DWR Custom Woodworking Products?

Any woodworker can built a quilt ladder, quilt cabinet, or quilt hanger but it takes a true craftsman with commitment to be the best to create a quilt ladder, quilt cabinet or quilt hanger that is built to last. DWR Custom Woodworking, see the quality, feel the difference. Real woodworking techniques and joinery using solid… Read more »

The Holiday’s Are Approaching…gift the perfect gift from DWR Custom Woodworking!

Yes, Can you believe it……December is about to begin and the holidays are only a few weeks away!  Now is the perfect time to order a custom quilt rack from DWR Custom Woodworking.  We have many options and styles available and know that our custom made wood products would be the perfect gift for friends… Read more »

Have you seen our most recent addition to DWR Custom Woodworking’s quilt display products?

  The most recent addition to DWR Custom Woodworking’s quilt display products, the Quilt Display Cabinet is the perfect way to display your prized quilts under glass. The Quilt Display Cabinet provides a space where the quilts can be seen but not handled or exposed to dust. The Quilt Display Cabinet Features Include:  1/8” Side… Read more »

Quilt Racks, Quilt Ladders, Custom Made Woodworking by DWR

WHY DWR HANDCRAFTED QUILT DISPLAYS Keeping the traditional craftsmanship of the past alive, DWR Custom Woodworking has designed and handcrafted Quilt Racks, Quilt Ladders, Shelves, and Accents to emphasize any decor.With your purchase of a handcrafted quilt hanger, quilt ladder, wooden quilt hanger, wall quilt hanger, wooden quilt ladder or a clamping quilt hanger from… Read more »


Quilt Ladder $178.00–$225.00 The Quilt Ladder is ideal for areas where floor space is limited and the ladder could be leaned against the wall.  The Quilt Ladder takes up a space approximately 25″ x 20 of floor space. The Quilt Ladder consists of 2 upright rails and 4,5, or 6 rungs depending on the length ordered…. Read more »