Comparison Chart

Comparison between DWR Custom Woodworking Handcrafted Quilt Hangers/Ladders and other Manufacturers of Clamping Quilt Displays/Ladders 

DWR Custom Woodworking Other Manufacturers
Stainless Steel and brass hardware are used in all applications to prevent rust and other corrosion from dropping on the quilt when displayed. Plated steel or plain carbon steel is used as hardware. Rust can easily form and drop on the quilt when displayed or if the quilt comes in contact with the hardware.
Machine screw hanger bolts are used in all clamping displays. The machine screw end is screwed into a machined brass insert allowing removal and reinstallation without worry of stripping. In an effort to save money, some manufacturers use dowel screws, wood screw on both ends, to provide the clamping pressure. The wood screw end can strip out quickly, leaving no clamping pressure to hold the quilt in place.
A channel is milled in all clamping boards to provide 100% support of the quilt along the entire length of the hanger. This provides a guide for the binding when hanging and eliminates sagging. When installed properly the quilt will not drop out of the hanger.  The hanger hides the binding and 5/8” of the quilt. Quilts installed in a quilt hanger without a groove milled in the clamping board have a tendency to sag or drop out of the quilt hanger. A particular problem on hangers that are narrow in design.


DWR Custom Woodworking uses the highest quality finishing system available. The finish is moisture resistant, abrasive resistant and provides a beautiful low sheen finish. DWR Custom Woodworking does not use any oil finishes that can release into the quilt. Some manufactures use oil finishes and low grade polyurethane. These products do not provide the protection, moisture resistance or durability that is provided by DWR Custom Woodworking.
Acid Free tape is available on all contact surfaces if you feel additional protection is desired. This service is provided at no additional charge. Not available or offered
Premier face grain knobs are used in all the knobs style quilt display. Face grain knobs provide the highest quality/appearance in wooden knobs. Face grain knobs stain and blend in beautifully with the appearance of the quilt display/hanger. Lower quality quilt hangers use end grain knobs that stain unevenly and darker giving the hanger an inferior appearance.


The wood species used is the same throughout the quilt hanger/display. This provides uniform grain, stain, and appearance from one end of the hanger to the other. Some substandard makers use mixed wood species for different components of their products, providing inferior products and uneven staining.
DWR Custom Woodworking Quilt Ladders use a time proven Tenon and Pin construction. This allows extremely easy assembly and disassembly. This method provides a handcrafted detail that is functional and beautiful. All other ladder manufacturers use a wood screw into the end grain of the dowel that can strip out in the dowel or crack the dowel.
DWR Custom Woodworking Quilt Ladders use a 3 1/2” side rail width providing extreme strength and durability. Quilts can be stacked without deflection or bowing of the quilt ladder. Other quilt ladder manufacturers use 2” to 2 1/2” side rails. This makes a cheaper ladder with a cheaper appearance and limited durability and weight load.