EZ Load Quilt Display-Beaded Board Style


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The EZ Load Quilt Display is the most recent original design from DWR Custom Woodworking. The design allows the quilt to be changed without removing the entire hanger from the wall, making it ideal for larger wall hanging quilts. Only the quilt holder is removed to change the quilt. The quilt is placed into the holder while on the floor, table or other flat surface and then the holder is reinserted into the wall mounted enclosure. Covers are then placed to give the Quilt Display a beautiful finished look. The quilt remains supported across the entire length of the quilt and prevents the stress points associated with quilt clips, pins, and other hangers that support quilts at 3 or 4 locations. The EZ Load Quilt Display is available in Oak, Maple, Cherry, Mahogany and Walnut. The 3 styles available are the Mantle, Beaded Board and Traditional. Pricing and photos follow on the next pages.  The mounting board is supplied without drilled mounting holes and are placed to match the stud locations where the EZ Load Quilt Display will be installed. The EZ Load Quilt Display MUST be mounted  into studs.

The Beaded Board style has a 5″ shelf. Add  3 1/2”  to the ordered quilt hanger length to determine the space required for the overall length of the shelf when installed on the wall. The end cover is easily removed  to allow removal of the quilt holder to change the quilts. The shelf has a plate groove milled 1 3/4” from the back of the shelf.

Item Number

Length Oak/Maple Cherry



24” $121 $149



30” $138 $165 $176


36’ $154 $182



42’ $171 $198



48’ $187 $215



54’ $204 $231



60’ $220 $248



66’ $237 $264



72’ $253 $281



78’ $270 $297



84’ $286 $314


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24" w/ 5" Shelf, 30″ w/ 5″ Shelf, 36″ w/ 5″ Shelf, 42″ w/ 5″ Shelf, 48″ w/ 5″ Shelf, 54″ w/ 5″ Shelf, 60″ w/ 5″ Shelf, 66″ w/ 5″ Shelf, 72″ w/ 5″ Shelf


Oak, Maple, Cherry


Autumn Oak, Fruitwood, Classic Fruitwood, Mission Oak, Traditional Cherry, Cordovan, Sugar Maple


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