Quilt Ladder

Parallel and Apple Wood Quilt Ladders

Parallel Quilt Ladder      Quilt Ladders      Apple Wood Quilt Ladder


DWR Custom Woodworking offers 2 different ladders as pictured.  The Quilt Ladder has parallel side rails and the Apple Ladder has tapered side rails.  Assembly is the same on both ladders; a tapered peg is inserted into a hole drilled in the tenon of the rung.

Why a ladder from DWR Custom Woodworking:

  • All solid wood construction of the species specified, if a cherry ladder is ordered, you get cherry with cherry rungs, rails and pins
  • The rails are 3 1/2″ wide to support the quilts that are displayed with out bowing.
  • The 3 1/2″ rails also provides additional clearance at the top rung for clearance between quilt and rung.
  • The ladders are assembled with tapered pegs and no screws or other hardware are required for assembly. The pegs can be seated with a mallet to prevent spinning.
  • As with all DWR Custom Woodworking quilt display products, the ladders are stained to your specified color and cleared coated with a high quality urethane base cabinet finish for long lasting beauty and durability.