Quilt Stand

Wooden Quilt Stands

Quilt Stand for SaleWooden Quilt StandThe Quilt Stand is a simple design, with no heart cutout on the ends unless specifically requested.  It is sturdy and stable.  The 9300 style is 36″ high and 35.5″ wide.  This Quilt Stand has 4 Stretchers, 3 to display quilts.  Stretcher spacing is wide enough to display heavy quilts.

The 9310 style is 39″ high and 35.5″ wide.  This Quilt Stand  has 6 stretchers, 5 to display quilts.  This quilt stand is excellent for displaying thinner quilts, quilt tops or afghans. 

The stretchers are 34″ wide unless requested.

See table below for pricing and species of wood available.



Price: Pine

Oak or Maple

Price: Cherry


3 Rail, 12″x36″x37″





5 Rail, 12″x39″x37″